Sunday, June 24, 2007


Our daughter and her little ones.


Henry, who loves cats, will be two in October. He has a new brother, Max. Max gets lots of kisses from his big brother.

Busy Weekends

Weekends fly by. We have had a busy spring with graduations and weddings and we have loved it. Last weekend our daughter visited and brought along our granddaughter (the little dancer) and her son - who we truly believe will become a farmer when he grows up. He loves everything from tractors to digging worms. Give him a bucket and someone to dig - he will be happy for hours. This weekend, Don went camping with our son, Joe, and his little boy. Henry isn't quite two yet, but he had a great time canoeing and camping out overnight. That left our daughter-in-law to head to a wedding with me. They also have a new baby, Max. He turned three months yesterday. He went along to the wedding and that was fun getting to show him off.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Flowers & Weeds

Isn't it wonderful to see all the gorgeous flowers? We have been getting so much rain everything is really growing - weeds included! It is so hard to get out and pull all those weeds. I think maybe I just have toooooo many flowers.


I have been taking photos the last couple days as I am gearing up for fall shows and advertising. Tell me what you think of these. I have received several new orders for Gift Baskets from my web site. I think no one wants to go out and do all that shopping in the heat. How easy to pop online and place an order - in the air conditioning of your own home!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

You're An Angel Gift Set

I have finished two gift sets for the holidays. I think every woman will love 'You're An Angel'. It contains two bars of my Nebraska Sunset Soap, three of my guest soaps - plus jelly, syrup, a beautiful boxed ribbon angel with greeting card and an angel pin - all created by very talented people from Nebraska.

Check it out!

New Lime Fragrance

The new Lime Fragrance Oil arrived today and I will be soaping with it before the week is over. I can't wait. It is a very deep lime scent. I think it will be wonderful for the hot summer months. Anything citrus would be luscious in the shower.

Time Flies

Is it really almost the end of June? I am starting to work on my show schedule and can't believe that fall is just around the corner. I have a new shave cream coming out as soon as I order bottles. It always takes time to get new products on the market. I like to have at least ten people evaluate the product before I even make a decision on how to package it.

What's happening in your area?

What's happening in your area? We have had beautiful rains here this spring and the lawns and fields are looking great. All the rains have been very gentle, which helps with erosion as this is hilly country. I have a small garden, which doesn't look great as we do have winds. Our place is on a big hill and the view is amazing. I don't want to give up the view for a little less wind whipping through, but that comes with a price.